Can Quitting Alcohol Reverse Diabetes? Expert Advice

Can Quitting Alcohol Reverse Diabetes

People living with diabetes often inquire whether Can quitting alcohol reverse diabetes. In the opinion of specific experts, occasional alcohol consumption will not cause high or low blood sugar; however, it can positively affect. However, regular consumption of even a slight amount of alcohol will undoubtedly affect blood sugar levels or diabetes. This can increase the … Read more

Is Asthma Genetic? | Risk factors of Asthma

Is Asthma Genetic | Risk factors of Asthma

Does Asthma run in the family? Asthma may be genetic; however, not all instances of asthma are genetically inherited. Asthma is a spectrum of reasons as well as risk factors. Asthma is a lung disease that can cause inflammation within the airways. Inflammation may cause the airways in the lungs to swell and become extremely … Read more

Classification Of Asthma

Classification Of Asthma

Classification Of Asthma according to National Asthma Education and Prevention Program is defined as follow : 1) Intermittent. 2) Mildly persistent. 3) Moderate persistent. 4) Severe persistent. These classification of Asthma are based upon severity determined by symptoms and tests for lung function. It is recommended to be placed in the most severe category within … Read more

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