Where does breast cancer spread

If your doctor informed you that your cancer of the breast is spreading to different areas in your body you’re at a much more advanced level than if it’s just within your breasts. The extent to which it’s spread is among the factors that your doctor will take into consideration when they give you your “stage” of the cancer. It’s called “metastatic” in the event that it has been able to spread beyond your breasts. Each case is unique. For certain women, it is something they endure for long periods of time. For others, the management of pain and improving quality of living is the main objective.

The most common places where it is spread

Breast cancer is still a problem even if it’s an additional organ. For instance, if breast cancer progresses to the lung, it does not mean that you’ve got lung cancer. While it could be spread to any area of your body There are specific areas it is most likely to spread to, which include bone nodes and lymph nodes the lungs, liver and brain.

Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes beneath your arm, within the breast, and close to your collarbone are the primary locations where breast cancer is spread. It’s “metastatic” when it expands beyond these tiny glands to different parts within your body. If you’re diagnosed as having the breast cancer physician must examine lymph nodes close to the tumor to determine whether they’re affected. The lymph system aids in the elimination of harmful bacteria and other substances out of your body. It is possible that you don’t notice any symptoms when your cancerous breast is found in these lymph nodes.

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When you have breast cancer in the bones of your body, discomfort will be the first sign. It can affect any bone such as the arms, spine, and legs. Sometimes, bones are fragile enough for it to fracture, however treatment usually stops the possibility of breaking. If cancer affects your spine, it may cause issues with incontinence , or even going to the bathroom. It is possible that you will experience weakness or numbness in a area of your body for example, an arm or leg. This happens because there is tension on the nerves of your spinal cord.


If breast cancer progresses to your liver, you could feel a nagging pain in your abdomen that won’t go away or you may feel uncomfortable or overstuffed. You may also experience a loss of appetite and gain weight. It is possible that your skin or the eye’s whites have turned yellow, which is known as jaundice. This happens because your liver’s not functioning correctly.


The cancer of the breast can be spread to the lungs, or even the lung’s space and chest wall, causing fluid to buildup within the lung. Signs of breast cancer include breathlessness and a cough that doesn’t disappear, or chest discomfort. A few people experience a loss of appetite, which can lead to weight loss.


It is possible for cancer of the breast to be spread to the brain. This can trigger headaches that can cause you to lose your balance and increase the risk of falling. There may be numbness, or weakness in a particular area in your body. You may behave differently, or you might be confused or experience seizures.


There is a chance that you will require treatment, surgery, radiation as well as medication. The medications your doctor prescribes will be based on the type of cancer. For example, if your tumor can be classified as HER2 positive, where some protein triggers the growth, your physician might recommend targeted therapy as a part of the treatment. The management of pain is crucial to ensure that you be as comfortable as you can.