How Does Cancer Kill You?

How Does Cancer Kill You

The term “cancer” is used to describe the group of similar diseases in which cells of the body begin to divide and expand in uncontrolled ways and often spread into the surrounding tissue. Cancer kills through the growth of into vital organs, nerves, or blood vessels, hindering and affecting their functions. It can start in … Read more

What does vulvar cancer look like

What does vulvar cancer look like

Vulvar cancer is the result of cancerous cells growing uncontrollably on or in the vulva. It is the exterior part of the female sexual organs. It’s distinct than vaginal cancer that begins inside the vagina.. A woman’s vulva consists of : An opening in the vagina. This is the tube-like channel that flows out from … Read more

Where does breast cancer spread

Where does breast cancer spread

If your doctor informed you that your cancer of the breast is spreading to different areas in your body you’re at a much more advanced level than if it’s just within your breasts. The extent to which it’s spread is among the factors that your doctor will take into consideration when they give you your “stage” … Read more

Bladder cancer | Symptoms Of Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is the most common form of cancer that starts in your bladder cells. Bladders are muscular organs inside the lower abdomen, which stores urine. Bladder cancer typically occurs in the bladder cell (urothelial cells) found inside the bladder. Urothelial cells also reside in your kidneys, as well as those tubes (ureters) which connect … Read more

Throat cancer Causes & Symptoms

throat cancer

Overview The term “Throat cancer” refers to cancer that is found in the throat (pharynx) or in your voice box (larynx). It is the tube of muscle that starts at the base of your nose and finishes at the neck. Most throat cancers begin in the cells with flat surfaces covering your throat. The voice … Read more