What is Polycystic Liver Disease?

What is Polycystic Liver Disease

In this article What is the cause of Polycystic Liver Disease? What are the symptoms of Polycystic Liver Disease? How is Polycystic Liver Disease Diagnosed? How is Polycystic Liver Disease Treated? Does Polycystic Liver Disease Be Prevented? Polycystic liver disorder (PLD, also known as PCLD) is an uncommon condition that creates cysts, fluid-filled sacs that … Read more

What is a Liver Doctor Called?

What is a Liver Doctor Called

Hepatology is a branch of medicine focused on the diseases that affect the liver and related diseases. A hepatologist is a physician who is involved in diagnosing as well as treatment for hepatic disorders and concerns that impact your: Liver gallbladder pancreas The biliary tract Here’s what you should be aware of if you’re thinking … Read more

How to reverse fatty liver

How to reverse fatty liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a buildup of fat within your life. However, there is no organ damage in NAFLD, unlike other liver diseases. You can reverse the condition by taking steps before it becomes more severe. Weight Loss Research shows that losing weight may be the best way to reverse or control NAFLD. … Read more

Skin Problems Related to Liver Diseases

Skin Problems Related to Liver Disease

Skin Problems related to liver diseases is a problem that affects the liver in the most significant way but it can cause issues with other body parts, including the skin. Bumpy skin, rashes, and itchy spots could be the first symptoms you see of the infection. Most people infected with the hepatitis C virus suffer … Read more

Are you able to live with no liver?

Can you live Without Liver

It is impossible to live without the liver. The condition is life-threatening. Illness that requires immediate medical attention. You might suffer severe complications from liver disease, such as liver failure.              Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes)             The tendency to Bleed              Infections             Ascites (collection of fluids in the abdomen)              Cerebral … Read more