Pain In Upper Stomach Causes and Treatment

upper stomach pain

If you’re experiencing pain in your upper stomach, it can be difficult to tell whether or not it’s a sign of something more serious. It could just be indigestion—a condition that can be easily treated with over-the-counter medication or food. On the other hand, if your symptoms have lasted longer than a day or seem … Read more

Foot Pain On Top Causes and Treatment

foot pain on top

Foot pain is often caused by an injury or overuse of the feet. The most common types of foot pain include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, hammertoes, and arthritis. its a condition in which the pain is felt at the metatarsophalangeal joints or below them. The metatarsophalangeal joint or MTP joint is one of the … Read more

Secret Facts of Skin That Will Blow Your Mind

secret facts of skin

Skin is the foundation of the integumentary system also It contains nails, hairs, glands, and more. Major skin functionality is Protecting, Regulating, and Sensing. Our skin protects and defends everything inside your body and protects from infection work as insulation. without skin, human organs like muscles bones, and other organs hang all over the place, … Read more

Legs Pain at Night causes and treatment

legs pain at night while sleeping

Today, our lifestyle is completely changed, we hardly sit on the floor and on the chair, we sit with our legs up. Our legs are hanging up while sitting on hangs. Some people also eat food on chairs with hanging legs. These are the common reasons of the pain and overweight is a major reason … Read more

Is Poha Good For weight loss?

Is poha good for weight loss

Poha is one of the most favorite breakfast of Indians also its consider for weight loss and healthy morning food .  It is also consider lightest food for weight loss because poha is low in calories. There are many different ways to make poha.  Poha is reach in fiber, iron, vitamins and other nutrients. Also … Read more

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