What is Gonorrhea?

What is Gonorrhea

The Gonorrhea virus is a sexually transmitted disease (STI) caused by¬†Neisseria gonorrhea. This typical STI tends to focus on the warm, humid areas of the body. This includes the following: The urethra is a tube that is a tube that drains the urinary bladder Eyes throat vagina the aforementioned The female reproductive tract consists of … Read more

How long does chlamydia last?

how long does chlamydia last

Chlamydia can be described as an infection transmitted by sexual contact (STI). It is transferred when a person who has Chlamydia is unprotected in sex with someone else who’s infected. It can occur in anal, oral, or genital sex. Chlamydia is a relatively common disease. In order to treat Chlamydia, you need to use antibiotics … Read more

Symptoms Of HIV In Women

Symptoms Of HIV In Women

symptoms of HIV. Indeed, the manifestations associated with HIV are generally identical for both genders. There are, however, some differences between genders. Women’s HIV Signs and Symptoms Some indications only occur for women, usually during the latter stages of the infection. Changes in your menstrual cycle. You may have heavier or lighter bleeding, have irregular periods, … Read more

Symptoms Of HIV In Male

Symptoms Of HIV In Male

HIV may appear differently in every person. It is not always the case that everyone has the same signs, and some people may not show any symptoms for an extended time. In most cases, the symptoms that are a sign of HIV are identical for both females and males. However, some indicators are exclusive to … Read more

Erectile dysfunction | foods that help to kill It

Foods That Kill Erectile Dysfunction

Foods That Kill Erectile Dysfunction An ailment that causes erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disorder that can make it hard to achieve or maintain an erection. Eating certain diets or specific food items can be beneficial. This article will look at the foods that people should include in their diets to fight the symptoms of … Read more