Legs Pain at Night causes and treatment

legs pain at night while sleeping

Today, our lifestyle is completely changed, we hardly sit on the floor and on the chair, we sit with our legs up. Our legs are hanging up while sitting on hangs. Some people also eat food on chairs with hanging legs. These are the common reasons of the pain and overweight is a major reason … Read more

What Causes Bone Spurs on Foot?

What Causes Bone Spurs on Foot

The bone spur can be described as the expansion of the bone. It usually occurs when bone spurs from two to three bones join. Bone spurs develop as the body attempts to heal itself. Bone spurs may appear as a lump or bump under the skin. The likelihood of developing a bone spur within the … Read more

What Psoriatic Arthritis(PsA) Means for Your Nails

What Psoriatic Arthritis Means for Your Nails

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a kind of arthritis seen in people with Psoriasis. It’s an inflammation-related condition that causes stiffness, joint pain, and swelling. The majority of people experience psoriasis-related symptoms on their skin before they show symptoms of PsA; however, some people begin to notice signs of arthritis first. Patients with PsA frequently experience … Read more

What are the 4 stages of osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis (O.A.) can be an arthritis type that is common which is most often related to knees. In the beginning, the patient may not experience any symptoms. However, in later stages, they might be afflicted with mobility issues and require a surgical procedure. O.R. in the knee can affect the knee joint’s cartilage, bones, and … Read more

What is Erosive Osteoarthritis.

erosive osteoarthritis

Erosive osteoarthritis is a disease. It can create in the pivot joints of the fingers and less habitually in the toes. Clinically, these are known as the interphalangeal joints. Research proposes that under 3% of individuals foster erosive osteoarthritis. What to know about erosive osteoarthritis? Erosive osteoarthritis (EOA) is an uncommon condition that causes damaged … Read more