Brittle Diabetes | Symptoms of Brittle Diabetes

Brittle Diabetes

Brittle Diabetes Brittle diabetes is also referred to as unstable diabetes or labile, which means that blood sugar fluctuations are often severe and often. This condition is extremely rare and mainly affects those with Type 1 diabetes. Consult your physician regarding management strategies, perhaps using specific equipment. What is brittle-diabetes? Brittle diabetes is a type … Read more

Diabetes | Diabetes symptoms at the End of Life

Diabetes symptoms at the End of Life

Diabetes symptoms at the End of Life When dealing with patients with diabetes towards the end of their lives, our aim is to ensure that the patient remains as comfortable as possible instead of keeping blood sugar levels within the desired range. Although some patients are admitted for being diagnosed with diabetes like most disease, … Read more

Can Quitting Alcohol Reverse Diabetes? Expert Advice

Can Quitting Alcohol Reverse Diabetes

People living with diabetes often inquire whether Can quitting alcohol reverse diabetes. In the opinion of specific experts, occasional alcohol consumption will not cause high or low blood sugar; however, it can positively affect. However, regular consumption of even a slight amount of alcohol will undoubtedly affect blood sugar levels or diabetes. This can increase the … Read more