How and When to Pop a Blister?

How to pop a Blister

The body naturally produces blisters to help cushion and heal damaged skin. You should avoid popping them. However, if the blister becomes large or painful, you may need to drain it. A blister is a fluid-filled area that forms on the outer skin layer. Blisters can be caused by friction, burns, or other skin conditions. Blisters that are smaller … Read more

What is Cetyl Alcohol in Skin Care?

Cetyl Alcohol

What is Cetyl Alcohol ? It is normal for Cetyl Alcohol to be understood as alcohol that causes drying for the skin, for instance, ruby alcohol. Yet , Cetyl Alcohol is with conditioning, hydrating, and softening properties beneficial to both hair and skin. Cetyl Alcohol is an alcohol made from fats like coconut oil and … Read more

Acne on scalp | Causes And Treatments |

acne on scalp

Acne on Scalp can be pretty frequent; however, making a couple of changes to your hair routine will often clear them up. What Causes Scalp Pimples? Acne on the scalp is the time when breakouts and pimples occur on your scalp or along your hairline. Acne can be a complicated skin problem; however, it usually … Read more